-AZUL- High Quality clothing for Women
AZUL (Est. ca 2007) is one of the oldest established
Japanese luxury fashion houses thriving in secondlife.
AZUL is classy, beautifully detailed, and creatively designed fashion.
Distributing clothing & fashion accessories.
Offering fashion forward collection specialising
in Vintage Mesh & Retro Flexible Prims
 Its renowned flair for 
 ● ELEGANT Haute Couture/ Dancing ballgowns
 ● BRIDAL costumes 
 ● GOREAN silks 
 ● FANTASY costumes / cosplay
 has seen it maintain its status as a trendsetter for secondlife fashion
featuring in numerous media outlets and internet publications.

Copyright(C)-AZUL- by Mami Jewell for Second Life #00051762-1


■ WINNER AWARDS BRASIL in SL 2015 - Best Formal Clothing 

N.B '-AZUL- Sora' was selected as one of
the 20 most beautiful dresses ever designed in Second Life
■ WINNER VAIN INC.’s readers’ choice for Best Female Formal Wear of 2010 
■ Previous Miss Virtual World Winners and placing in the TOP 5 have worn AZUL
as their formal final gowns  ...

Miss Virtual World 2009 WINNER
Mimmi Boa
Miss Virtual World 2010 1st Runner-up
Sora Tatham
Miss Virtual World 2011 WINNER
Serene Faith
Miss Virtual World 2011 1st Runner-up
Louise McWinnie
Miss Virtual World 2011 4th Runner-up
Tania Tebaldi

Miss America Latina 2012 1st Runner-up 
Laetitia Vella
Miss Virtual World 2014 WINNER
Anjelica Carling
Miss Virtual World 2014 1st Runner-up

Miss Mundo Virtual 2014 1st Runner-up
Luana Barzane
Miss Virtual World 2015 2nd Runner-up
Issy Flatley
MissSL 2015 WINNER
Shinobu Istmal
Miss Virtual World 2017 WINNER
Joys Cuttita

MissSL 2018 4th Runner-up
Rehana Seljan

Social Media:

-AZUL- Website

-AZUL- on Marketplace

-AZUL- on Fickr

-AZUL- Group on Flickr

-AZUL- Page on Facebook

-AZUL- Group on Facebook

-AZUL- on Pinterest

-AZUL- on Twitter

-AZUL- on Google+


4 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. Hello

    I love the dresses u make. I am a big fan or ur label
    I wil like to be informed about all the news and updates
    Thank you
    Best regards


  2. Hello,

    I am a huge fan of your work. Everything is always so elegant and moves so beautifully. Thank you! I would love it if you would design some more casual wear: quality women’s pants are especially hard to find in SL. If you did that, I might never shop anywhere else (I’m close to that now)!

    Thank you again for the lovely dresses. I get compliments everywhere I go.

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