+ -AZUL- RIGGED MESH items include 5 Standard sizes.
+ -AZUL- FIT MESH items are fitted to various Mesh Bodies; however we cannot promise 100% perfect fit. You may need to enable alpha’s on your Mesh Body, adjust your shape or even use Standard Sizes.
+ We cannot provide refund or exchange service for MESH items. Please always try the DEMO before the purchase.
+ You cannot resize, move or edit Rigged / Fitted MESH objects.
+ Double click on the MESH object in your Inventory window to wear it.
+ You may change the attachment point for MESH objects if you wish. However, these items will still be worn on your avatar as they would normally do.
+ To wear an Alpha Layer for Classic avatar, right click on it and choose ‘Add to worn’ in your Inventory window. The Alpha Layer makes your shape fit to the MESH object.




We are currently working on creating appliers for various Mesh bodies for some of our classic (System Layer) products. Supported Mesh bodies are (as of May 2016):

+ Slink Physique
+ Maitreya Lara
+ The Mesh Project
+ Belleza
+ Omega