+ No Exchange
+ No Refund
+ No Custom order
+ NOT ALLOWED Yard sale or Resale



+ YES Copy
+ NO Transfer
+ NO Mod : Resize scripted in regular prim parts


SELF-SERVICE REDELIVERY █  *Updated on 18th May 2018

+ Available with any -AZUL- vendors at Main store and satellite stores.
+ Available only items RELEASED after February 2016 (not your purchase date).
+ The vendor system (E2V) that we had been using for more than half of our items has retired the servers on 31st May 2018. After 1st June 2018, E2V vendor system will no longer be available to use redeliver terminal. We are not able to guarantee your past purchases for items which are RELEASED BEFORE February 2016.

If you wish redelivery of previously purchased items, please locate the [Redeliver Terminal] and click on it. Your purchase history at -AZUL- Main Store will be provided as a URL to open using an external browser.


+ Click ANY -AZUL- vendor in world, you will see pop-up menu.  Click ‘Redeliver’, then ‘Go to page’


+ Click Redeliver Terminal in Main store, you will see pop-up menu.  Click ‘Go to page’

+ The URL shows your past Purchases. Click which you wish to have a copy.




Main Store :

+ Left Click on vendor,  Click [Gift]

+ Enter recipient’s first & last SL name

+ Right Click on vendor to pay

+ After you pay to the vendor, select the way you wish to send the gift.

+ If the person has the same item already, you will see this pop-up message. then pick another Gift 😛


Marketplace :
+ Click [Add To Cart As Gift]
+ Enter recipient’s first & last SL name
+ Go to shopping cart and Check out




teleport hud giver image

+ You will find TELEPORT HUD Giver at -AZUL- Mainstore.


+ Wear it and click where you want to TP direct.
+ TELEPORTER HUD also works at out of AZUL sim, you can teleport to -AZUL- from other region.
+ Click to Open / Close HUD.


SIGN BOARD █ *Updated on 18th May 2018

+ Customer Service (gives you Website Contact form Link)
+ Store Policy (gives you Store Policy by Notecard)
+ Gift Card Redeem (Add L$ to your store credit Balance from Gift Card)  *no longer be available to use the service after 1st June 2018
+ Credit Terminal (Check your store credit balance)  *no longer be available to use the service after 1st June 2018
+ Redeliver  (Your purchase history will be provided as a URL to open using an external browser) *no longer be available to use Redeliver Terminal #1 after 1st June 2018
+ Landmark  (-AZUL- Main store LM)
+ Group Join (URL to join group)




@-AZUL- Main Store : joia azul (77, 128, 1098)

-AZUL- Group Gift Area _ View joia azul (115, 136, 1105) -AZUL- Group Gift Area _ View (From LP) joia azul (115, 136, 1105)

+ Available only at -AZUL- Main store for -azul- and -AZUL- Platinum Group members.
+ Join -azul- Group from Group Joiner to receive Group Gifts.



@-AZUL- Main Store : joia azul (100, 43, 1108)

-AZUL- PLATINUM VIP GIFT AREA PIc1 -joia azul (100, 43, 1108)

+ -AZUL- Platinum Group is for customers who made purchase more than 5k in one calendar month, from the 1st to last day of any given month excludes purchases of SHOES, EYEWEAR, JEWELRY, NAILS and HAIR which are NOT -AZUL-‘s items.
+ Shopping at any location included Marketplace is valid.+ Applicable customers will receive group invitation, at the middle of the next month from the purchasing. (If you purchase more than 5k in this month, you will receive the invitation around 15th of next month)
+ -AZUL- Platinum Group Members will be able to receive Special Gift at ‘Platinum Members Gift’ area of -AZUL- Main store every month.
+ -AZUL- Platinum Group members will not be ejected if once you join.
+ This is return to your favor, but unfortunately we can not invite you to -AZUL- Platinum Group again if you leave the group once since you can not prove you were in the Group. Please be aware you will not be able to back to be in -AZUL- Platinum Group without purchase more than 5k if you leave.
+ We will send notice to -AZUL- Platinum Group members when the gift is ready. Please come and get the gift with activate -AZUL- Platinum Group Tag.
+ We open Group IM for members but NOT ALLOWED spam. We will eject member who spammed if we find, thanks for your cooperation.



+ Custom orders for major finals competitions can be discussed but refusual is at my discretion. Please provide proof of entry for the contest
+ Custom orders for individual recreational usage will be declined


Thank you so much for shopping at AZUL!

If you have any questions, please contact Poohta Bailey.

-AZUL- by Mami Jewell