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Miss AZUL 2015 FAQ

Q. I’m trying to upload my pictures on Flickr group but they do not appear in the pool. What’s wrong?

A. We approve photo entries submitted only during the nominated dates. Please check here.


Q. Entry by pasting my pictures on a Notecard is easier for me… Will you accept applications via Notecard inworld?

A. Noooooo Sorry! Please read here for more information about How to Enter the competition.


Q. I have already sent my online application, but I wanna exchange my entry photo(s)! Do I have to resend my application?

A. If you have already submitted your photos and see them in the Flickr group, this means you are able to replace your image(s). To do this, please go to your photo (in the Miss AZUL 2015 Flickr group) and select “Edit” photo which should be at the bottom, right hand corner. Once you select “Edit” then click on the “Replace” option. You will need to navigate to the new photo and upload it. If you replace any of your photos there is no need to submit another online Application Form. Please note that -AZUL- reserves the right to remove any photos which do not comply with the stated requirements.


Q. May I wear AZUL’s group gifts for my entry pictures?

A. Yup!


Q. May I make a Mix and match styling with another brand’s items for my entry pictures?

A. Yup! yup!


Q. I have my own brand / Mall / Ballroom … I am the owner.  May I still enter?

A YEEeeeesh!


Q. I currently hold another brand’s Miss/Face title. Am I allowed to enter?

A. You may enter, provided you do not hold a Miss/Face title of a clothing brand.


Q. Do I need to submit entry pictures made by a professional photographer?

A. Not at all!


Q. I don’t speak English fluently… May I enter the contest?

A. As long as we are able to communicate using English, then there is no problem.


Q. Do I need to be a certified model to apply?

A. Not at all.


Q. Do I need to know how to walk and pose on the runway?

A. As there is a runway walk component of the contest, it will be necessary to be able to walk and execute poses on the runway.


Q. Why do I need to have a blog?

A. It is important that Miss AZUL is able to blog as it an essential promotional tool for our brand. Furthermore, we would love to see your creativity in your blog.


Q. How do I know if my application has been received and processed?

A. If you see your submitted photos on the Flickr group, this means your application was received and accepted.



If you have any questions regarding Miss AZUL 2015 please contact ChloeElectra Resident. Due to Real Life circumstances, Ananya Mai will have to be away for a period of time and therefore any inquiries or requests for support shall be directed to ChloeElectra Resident until further notice.

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Terms and Conditions:
You agree by submitting an application, that AZUL by Mami Jewell inclusive of all social & visual media groups on the internet & groups within Second Life of which AZUL by Mami Jewell owns or is a member of is permitted to use all submitted pictures throughout the competition in any way the company considers appropriate.

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