(2016 September Updated)

-AZUL- Blogger Eligibility Criteria and Terms & Conditions

Below you can find outlined the Eligibility Criteria to become an -AZUL- Blogger as well as the Terms & Conditions that apply to all -AZUL- Bloggers.



Mandatory Qualifications

-AZUL- Bloggers must own/be able to provide:
▬ An avatar of minimum one (1) year old at the time of application
▬ A Blog of minimum six (6) months old at the time of application
▬ A Flickr account
▬ An Active blog – six (6) posts at a minimum per month (CURRENT blogging rate)
Good – at a minimum- images’ quality
▬ A professional blog and posts content(*),(**)
▬ You must be willing to post at least one (1) post featuring -AZUL- item(s) on a monthly basis

Optional Qualifications

It is desired that -AZUL- Bloggers own/are able to provide:
▬ Their Blog syndicated with at least three (3) feeds
▬ Facebook presence either through a personal account or a page



By submitting your application to become a blogger for -AZUL- you agree to the following:

▬ The details you have provided using the online form are valid at the time of your application
▬ The details you have provided shall be kept confidential and managed by the -AZUL- staff for any blogging related reasons
▬ You will make at least one (1) post featuring -AZUL- item(s) every calendar month in the following order of preference:
1. New Releases (Regular items, Event Items, Charity items),
2. Recent Releases,
3. Past Releases

▬ You will be responsible for ensuring that you receive the -AZUL- products by checking regularly the relevant online spreadsheet, which will be provided to you
▬ In case you need to step away from your blogging responsibilities for a period longer than one (1) calendar month, you will inform in writing the -AZUL- Blogger Manager
▬ You will be required to post your links to our Flickr and Facebook groups, provided you own a Flickr and Facebook account respectively

▬ You will update your blog and/or Second Life profile to mention -AZUL- as a sponsor(***)
▬ A SLURL to the -AZUL- main store will be included either in all your posts or listed along with the -AZUL- logo under your Blog Sponsors’ list (whichever applies to your blog)
▬ You agree by submitting a post that -AZUL- by Mami Jewell inclusive of all social & visual media groups on the internet & groups within Second Life of which -AZUL- by Mami Jewell owns or is a member of is permitted to use all submitted pictures and data featuring AZUL items in any way the company considers appropriate while acknowledging your involvement regarding all social & visual media online networking services

(*) Blogs that are cluttered and it is not easy to navigate through to find a specific post or featured item will not be accepted.

(**) Blog posts that contain inappropriate or offensive language will not be accepted.

(***) We do not require an exclusive pick under your Second Life profile; however if there is a pick that includes the designers that sponsor your blog, we would like you to include -AZUL- in this list.

-AZUL- Blogger Manager: SIENNA BELLIOS

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