(2017 October Updated)

-AZUL- Blogger Eligibility Criteria and Terms & Conditions

Below you can find outlined the Eligibility Criteria to become an -AZUL- Blogger as well as the Terms & Conditions that apply to all -AZUL- Bloggers.



Mandatory Qualifications

-AZUL- Bloggers must own/be able to provide:
▬ An avatar of minimum one (1) year old at the time of application
▬ A Blog of minimum six (6) months old at the time of application
▬ A Flickr account
▬ An Active blog – six (6) posts at a minimum per month (CURRENT blogging rate)
▬ A professional blog and posts content(*),(**)
▬ You must be willing to post at least two (2) posts featuring -AZUL- item(s) on a monthly basis

Optional Qualifications

It is desired that -AZUL- Bloggers own/are able to provide:
▬ Their Blog syndicated with at least three (3) feeds
▬ Facebook presence either through a personal account or a page



By submitting your application to become a blogger for -AZUL- you agree to the following:

▬ The details you have provided using the online form are valid at the time of your application
▬ The details you have provided shall be kept confidential and managed by the -AZUL- staff for any blogging related reasons
▬ You will make at least two (2) posts featuring -AZUL- item(s) every calendar month in the following order of preference:
1. New Releases (Regular items, Event Items, Charity items),
2. Recent Releases,
3. Past Releases

▬ Your photos MUST be of high quality
▬ Your photos need to be “bright” (i.e. not extremely dark) and must showcase the items clearly
▬ Your photos must be posted on your blog and on Flickr
▬ You must ALWAYS add your photos to our Flickr Group
▬ You must ALWAYS write credits and give the landmark to where the item is sold
▬ You must ALWAYS add your images to the Event Flickr Group (where applicable) and not only our Flickr group
▬ Your blog MUST contain the -AZUL- logo either on the main page or on a dedicated sponsors page with a link to the main store
▬ Please notify us if you have to leave for personal reasons. If you let us know, we can work on a solution so you will remain in our bloggers team. In case you don’t inform us and simply disaappear without any warning, you wiull get ejected from Blogotey and you will not be able to re-apply

▬ You agree by submitting a post that -AZUL- by Mami Jewell inclusive of all social & visual media groups on the internet & groups within Second Life of which -AZUL- by Mami Jewell owns or is a member of is permitted to use all submitted pictures and data featuring AZUL items in any way the company considers appropriate while acknowledging your involvement regarding all social & visual media online networking services

(*) Blogs that are cluttered and it is not easy to navigate through to find a specific post or featured item will not be accepted.

(**) Blog posts that contain inappropriate or offensive language will not be accepted.




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