earthquake in Italy

250 people are now known to have died in the earthquake that ravaged Abruzzo on Sunday night. Forty of the victims have yet to be identified. Thirty-four people are missing and 1,500 injured. There are 17,000 displaced persons in total, of whom 10,000 are in L’Aquila and 7,210 in the province. The figures were supplied … More earthquake in Italy

Lionskins at azul! -maseno project

hi everybody 🙂 let me tell you about maseno project…. ******************************** This group was created to facilitate communication for all those involved in the “Maseno Project – Garments of Hope II” planned and organized by Mimmi Boa. “After the big success of “the Maseno project” last year, i decided to support again the lil hunnies … More Lionskins at azul! -maseno project