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(AllColor) Annette (c)-AZUL-byMamiJewell

-AZUL- Annette

AZUL GG 2015Oct

-AZUL- Group Gifts 2015 October

(AllColor) Julie (c)-AZUL-byMamiJewell

-AZUL- Julie

(IMAGE)Julie_Halloween2 (c)-AZUL-byMamiJewell

-AZUL- Julie Pre-Release Halloween Version

(AllColor) Electra (c)-AZUL-byMamiJewell

-AZUL- Electra

(AllColor) Amalia (c)-AZUL-byMamiJewell

-AZUL- Amalia

(AllColor) Linette (c)-AZUL-byMamiJewell

-AZUL- Linette MissSL Indonesia Evening Gown

(AllColor) Nayomi (c)-AZUL-byMamiJewell

-AZUL- Nayomi MissSL Brazil Evening Gown

(AllColor) Ohana (c)-AZUL-byMamiJewell

-AZUL- Ohana MissSL Vietnam Evening Gown

(AllColor) Anais -AZUL-byMamiJewell

-AZUL- Anais


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