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(AllColor) Lis (c)-AZUL-byMamiJewell

-AZUL- Lis Appliers!

(AllColor)Calypso (c)-AZUL-byMamiJewell

-AZUL- Calypso Appliers!

(IMAGE) Jonelle (c)-AZUL-byMamiJewell

-AZUL- Jonelle

(AllColor) Mimosa (c)-AZUL-byMamiJewell

-AZUL- Mimosa

AZUL Blogger Search Feb2016

We are looking for Bloggers!

(AllColor) Valsnia (c)-AZUL-byMamiJewell

-AZUL- Valsnia

(IMAGE)Mimosa VT_Ruby (c)-AZUL-byMamiJewell

-AZUL- Mimosa Pre-Release Valentine’s Limited

-AZUL- Sexy 7 Designs & Fashion Show


-AZUL- 7th Year Anniversary

-AZUL- Sexy 7 Promo Video


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