-AZUL- 8th Anniversary Gift Card Giveaway



To our dearest customers, supporters and our many friends

Thank you so much for your ongoing love and support for AZUL these past 8 years

-AZUL- would not be where it is without you and we would not strive for excellence and to make your SL

as special possible through our designs were it not for your inspiration.


As a special recompense, given AZUL’s 8 year anniversary, we have special way to show our thanks Please read below –

  1. Shopping -AZUL- Item at  Main Store / Marketplace / Satellite Shops
  2. Locate  Transaction History of your purchase from Mami Jewell
  3. Look at the Transaction ID prefix number consisting of 8 digits, mixed with alphabet and numbers
  4. If the Transaction ID prefix BEGINS OR ENDS with the number 8 (eight)…..
  6. Submit your entries for the -AZUL- 8th Anniversary Gift Card Giveaway from here
  7. Mami Jewell in return will send you an -AZUL- 1000L$ Gift card
  8. Redeem the Gift card at -AZUL- Main Store to use for yourself -OR- Send the Gift card to someone you love ❤



►This offer lasts from Dec 18th to Dec 23th 2016 (Purchase period
►Please note that eligible entries for the giveaway are EXCLUDING DEMO items
►Eligible entries for the giveaway are ONLY the ones where the transaction prefix BEGINS OR ENDS with the number 8 (eight)
►-AZUL- will be unable to send you the Gift card without your Submit from Online

Lastly we wish you all to know how much we value each customerwhich is why we have such a dedicated customer service providing that personal touch whether its to help you or listen to your ideas to inspire us and your never ending help and support in combating copybotting.Here is hoping that the next 8 years are as joyous as the last 8


Love Mami Jewell and all the -AZUL- Team

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