Thank you!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you, the members of our -AZUL- Blogging Team, for all the hard work that you do.

With each release, I anticipate the works of art that you create, and marvel at your never-ending creativity.

I would also like to acknowledge you for your ongoing dedication to the -AZUL- brand because I realize all of you are busy, yet you produce your entries for us so quickly.

It fills my heart with pride to know that each of you is part of the -AZUL- family.


Amazon Silverweb
Cindy Gedenspire
Danity Mynx
Debbie Jasper
Draakje Dailey
Eleseren Brianna
Ellendir Khandr
Emlies Xeltentat
Euphoria Boyington
Gara Heishi
Harper Beresford
Heidi Rewell
Issy Flatley
Jasmine Hera
Leah McCullough
Linda Reddevil
Maria35 Cerise
Micah Tiponi
Milena Inaka
Milla Crumb
Neysa Rae
Portia Pexington
Purr Foxclaw
Roxaane Fyanucci
Sara Baez
Selene Coy
Serenity Couerblanc
Stella Sangria
Susanne Drechsler
Taleah Mcmahon
Tempest Rosca
Vanessa Ampan
Wicca Merlin


Thank you again,

Mami Jewell

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