-AZUL- Sakura is back with REVISED and APPLIERS !

Hi all♥  -AZUL- Sakura is back with REVISED and APPLIERS !!

  (IMAGE) Sakura_REV (c)-AZUL-byMamiJewell 
What's new??
► Updated Layer Textures...
► Mesh parts instead of System layer Jacket 
► Mesh Bodies Appliers
► New Colours!

    In further detail...
        * The previous Sakura version was available in 7 colors only
-NOW there are 12 colors available!

        * The previous Sakura version included System Skirt, Shirt and Jacket layer
-NOW each package includes Rigged Mesh Skirt Panel, NEW Shirt Layer Texture, Mesh Jacket and Mesh Body Appliers.

        * The Flexi Prim parts have also been updated.

(AllColor) Sakura_REV (c)-AZUL-byMamiJewell
APPLIER FATPACK for all 7 regular colours, and APPLIER for Past Limited item are set :D  

I M P O R T A N T:

The [APPLIER ONLY] vendor includes: 
A. Rigged Mesh Skirt Panel - 5 Sizes 
B. Rigged Mesh Jacket - 5 Sizes
C. Rigged Mesh Jacket Alpha Layer
D. Updated textured -Dress Part Flexi Skirt
E. Updated textured -Mesh Body Applier for Dress part

Items A to E (as above) but ***ONLY*** for the ***PREVIOUSLY*** released 7 regular colors!
copy | no tran | no mod 
*Resize scripted in prim parts
*Please try DEMO before your purchase!

17 July 2016 OUT

About -AZUL- Appliers for Mesh Body

(Vendor) Sakura_REV_Pearl (c)-AZUL-byMamiJewell
+ Renewed Vendors are already includes Appliers (Applier Icon is on the image).

+ If you own Previous Sakura, please get [APPLIER ONLY].

Enjoy ♥
Mami Jewell

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