-AZUL- Sexy 7 Designs & Fashion Show

At -AZUL- we are celebrating our 7th Year Anniversary and as a Thank You to our customers, Mami Jewell has created the -AZUL- Sexy 7 which are 7 unique designs at a very limited quantity!

-AZUL- Sexy Seven – Sasha
-AZUL- Sexy Seven – Sable
-AZUL- Sexy Seven – Shiva
-AZUL- Sexy Seven – Sierra
-AZUL- Sexy Seven – Sabrina
-AZUL- Sexy Seven – Syvia
-AZUL- Sexy Seven – Stefani

If you missed our very special Fashion Show featuring these stunning designs, please have a look at the video recording by Reena Ninetails and hurry up before they sell out!

Also, please have a look at the images taken during the show

…on Issuu…


…on Flickr…

Video | Reena Ninetails
Host | Chelle Hawker
DJ | DM (d1570r73d)
Photographer | ChloeElectra Resident

Model | Shannon Bramlington – Miss AZUL 2015
Model | Jamee Sandalwood – Miss AZUL 2015 1st Runner Up
Model | Taylor Wassep – Miss AZUL 2015 2nd Runner Up

-AZUL- by Mami Jewell

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