Official Press Release: Miss AZUL 2015 FINAL | RESULTS

Miss AZUL 2015

September 2015


On Sunday 27th September 2015, the Finals of Miss AZUL 2015 took place. The 13 Finalists walked for the last time on the runway in a mix & match outfit and a new design named -AZUL- Amalia which will soon be released at the main store. The Judges had the difficult task to evaluate each Finalist based on a number of criteria – as shown in the Table 2 below. At the end of the show, all points obtained by each Finalist throughout the Contest were added up and according to the results:

Miss AZUL 2015 is…

Shannon Bramlignton

and our Runner Ups are…

1st Runner Up – Jamee Sandalwood

2nd Runner Up – Taylor Wassep

3rd Runner Up – Dreamlove Resident


4th Runner Up – LeezahKaddour Resident

Throughout the competition we tried to be fair and transparent by revealing the percentage that each challenge counted towards the total amount of points each Finalist obtained. We also informed our judges about this and we asked them to evaluate each Finalist based on several aspects. Also, during the Finals and after our Judges had submitted their scores, they were able to view the live updating of the Scores table. Now, we would like to reveal the table with the scores of all Finalists, all the Judging Points per Challenge as well as the list of Judges per Challenge.

Scores Master Table


Judging Points per Challenge


Judges per Challenge


Please note that only the names of the Top 5 Finalists are revealed in the above table.

In addition, We would like to invite Top5 finalists to -AZUL- Model group officially,

which is we will request walking models from our official models for fashion shows as much as possible.

Also, please note that due to a technical glitch the points of ALL Finalists were slightly affected but the order of them remains the same.

The points mentioned in the table above are final.

For any questions or issues, please do not hesitate to get in touch with ChloeElectra Resident.

Thank you for your attention!

Mami Jewell

-AZUL- Founder & Designer


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