About Miss AZUL

It has come to our attention that a few individuals have certain issues with the public voting aspect of Miss AZUL 2015 and while AZUL does not comment on views
pertaining to its criteria for choosing the Miss AZUL, we feel that as the brand has been mentioned within this discussion on Social Media it is necessary for us to make the following points:

1) We have seen in the past that when contests within SecondLife of this magnitude were left to the judges alone to decide, rightly or wrongly there have in some instances been accusations of judges being biased & unfair.
To correct this, we have invited not only judges from a variety of different positions based within AZUL but also colleagues external to AZUL with whom we have had a good working relationship to provide their input.
All in all there will have been 16 judges involved in this process by the end of the contest.

2) We have also included a public vote to make the judging process as inclusive as possible and to further avoid judging bias.
We have therefore asked the public to vote based on the candidates portfolio.
We are well aware that that system is sometimes open to abuse and thus can turn into a popularity contest, however given that THIS PUBLIC VOTE is 5% of the TOTAL score meaning 95% will have been decided over 3 MONTHS of challenges by 16 JUDGES  we feel this will lessen this open vote to external abuse while at the same time providing a means for all that have SUPPORTED and loved AZUL throughout the years to have their say in the final outcome to make the whole process as inclusive as possible

3) How the candidates choose to garner support is their own decision and in no way condoned or condemned by AZUL as long as it is Legal within the boundaries of Social Media and TOS of SecondLife and does not create inconvenience to the individuals involved.

4) Miss AZUL 2015 has never claimed to be just a styling contest.
It encompasses a variety of skills such as business acumen, work ethic, character to name but a few qualities the brand is looking within the candidate for, of which styling an AZUL creation is a component and while popularity is not a criteria it is a valid marker to determine the traffic that an individual’s persona can bring to the brand.

Thank you!

Mami Jewell
-AZUL- Founder & Designer

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