Official Press Release: Miss AZUL 2015 – April ’15 Finalists

Miss AZUL 2015
April 2015 – Finalists Results

On Sunday 19th April 2015, the first Live Auditions for the Miss AZUL 2015 contest took place during which fourteen (14) Semi-Finalists walked in front of the judges. The panel of judges consisted of members of the -AZUL- Executive Team, who had the difficult task to vote for each contestant based on a number of different aspects.

The successful finalists – solely in alphabetical and in no other order – are:

 Dreamlove Resident

Jeanie Waydelich

Milla Crumb

Nayomi Gartner

Shinobu Istmal

Yeriakth Couturier

Congratulations ladies!

Please be available the next few days as an invite to the -Miss AZUL- Official Group will be extended to you in the next few days and all further communications will be announced through that group.

For the rest Semi-Finalists who were not successful, we would like to let you know that the day after the results from the June 2015 Live Auditions become known, an online public poll will open in order to select the last three (3) Finalists who will participate in the challenges and finals of the Miss AZUL 2015 contest.

Please note that the three (3) Finalists may be Semi-Finalists from the March 2015 and/or May 2015 Entries Rounds. This will solely depend on the number of votes each candidate received while the poll remains open. Therefore, we encourage you to remain in the -azul- group as more information about the online public poll will become known through this group after the results from the June 2015 Live Auditions are announced.

For any questions or any requests for support, please do not hesitate to get in touch with ChloeElectra Resident.

Thank you!

Mami Jewell
-AZUL- Founder & Designer

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Terms and Conditions:
You agree by submitting an application, that AZUL by Mami Jewell inclusive of all social & visual media groups on the internet & groups within Second Life of which AZUL by Mami Jewell owns or is a member of is permitted to use all submitted pictures throughout the competition in any way the company considers appropriate.


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