Official Press Release: Miss AZUL 2015 March Submission – Results

March Submission – Results

After having received over 30 complete applications during March 1st and 10th, 2015,

the judges had to decide by voting on 15 of them.

The following applicants have been selected to walk during a live show that will take place on Sunday, April 19th 2015.

The successful applicants – in alphabetical order – are:

Averil Resident

Caprycia Resident

Dream Love

Issy Flatley

Jamee Sandalwood

Jeanie Waydelich

Lucira Resident

Milla Crumb

Mio Linette

Nayomi Gartner

Rehana Seljan

Shinobu Istmal

Taylor Wassep

yeriakth couturier

Zionp resident

Congratulations ladies!

Further details concerning your live show will be provided in-world very soon.

For the rest applicants who were not successful at this round,

we would like to remind you that you may re-apply in May (May 1st – 10th, 2015)

by uploading new pictures (one headshot and one full-body shot);

you will not need to submit the online application again.

For any questions or any requests for support, please do not hesitate to get in touch with ChloeElectra Resident.

Thank you!

Mami Jewell
-AZUL- Founder & Designer

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Terms and Conditions:
You agree by submitting an application, that AZUL by Mami Jewell inclusive of all social & visual media groups on the internet & groups within Second Life of which AZUL by Mami Jewell owns or is a member of is permitted to use all submitted pictures throughout the competition in any way the company considers appropriate.


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