A little Insight into Life at -AZUL-

 A little Insight into Life at AZUL for all the candidates entering Miss AZUL 2015

■ ■ ■

Since the beginning of the year given that -AZUL- is a real life business based in Japan,

we have actively treated it as such.

We have aggressively headhunted the best people who we feel understand the business.

We Welcome ChloeElectra Resident and Ananya Mai our respective Marketing Directors and Creative Directors

in addition to our longstanding PA Poohta Bailey,

to lead our Western English speaking interests.

We also welcome Henry Frequency to assist us in Copyright Protection and Legal Representation,

In addition we welcome Anjelica Carling, Serene Faith and Sora Tatham

as our Business Development Consultants to head our Japanese Division.

We actively been promoting the label to increase our exposure

through social media and SecondLife

We have sponsored and advertised through JuicyBomb,

Strawberry Singh and Seraphim SL and The Arcade Gacha

and have plans in motion to collaborate with Ferosh

We have increased our video media presence by working with

NicoleX Moonwall and VVON VOICIC™ to show the direction that

AZUL intends to take this year.

We have taken part in many charitable events including

Relay for Life with The Best of SL  and Frolic Mills

and have been a main sponsor in One Billion RISING.

We have increased our online presence by creating

the AZUL by Mami Jewell Facebook page as well as Pinterest pages

as forum to showcase the best photography featuring AZUL.

We have currently taken the bold step to promote the business using Facebook Adverts so as to increase our exposure

With the return of Miss AZUL it is our hope that we will find an exceptionally gifted individual not only to hold this title

but understand the unparalleled exposure and responsibility that this position will afford them.

■ ■ ■

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