-AZUL- Nefertiti /Miss Panama for Miss Mundo Virtual 2014

Hi all♥ AZUL has released MESH Dress ‘-AZUL- Nefertiti' 
 Formal gown for Miss Panama /Miss Mundo Virtual 2014 - nefertiti18 Resident   
 (IMAGE)Nefertiti (c)-AZUL-byMamiJewell
Photo | Magissa Denver
Model | nefertiti18 Resident 

copy | no tran | no mod  
*Resize scripted in prim parts  *Please try DEMO before your purchase!
*Flowers on belt is not included.
8 Colors + 100pcs Limited + Marketplace Limited 
10 Aug 2014 out
 Don't miss 100 pcs Limited at -AZUL- Main Store and 
-AZUL- SL MarketPlace Limited!
hope you enjoy ♥  xoxoxo
-AZUL-  Mami Jewell
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 -AZUL- SL MarketPlace
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