-AZUL- Naarnisse~ MVW2014/MissSpain

Hi all ♥

AZUL has released MESH gown ‘Naarnisse,

Evening gown for MVW2014 Final – Naarnisse Resident: Top12 MVW2014/Miss Spain

(IMAGE)Naarnisse (c)-AZUL-byMamiJewell

photo by Magissa Denver

model by Naarnisse Resident


(AllColor)Naarnisse (c)-AZUL-byMamiJewell

*Prim parts has resize scripted

*Please TRY DEMO before purchase!

Don’t miss 100 pcs Limited at -AZUL- Main Store

and -AZUL- SL MarketPlace  Limited ! * coming soon

hope you enjoy ♥

Mami Jewell


-AZUL- main shop
-AZUL- SL MarketPlace
-AZUL- Flickr Releases Check AZUL’s new releases
-AZUL- Flickr Group Welcome your post!

Naarnisse Resident

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