-AZUL- 4th Anniversary Sale ~Color Discount Everyday~

2012Dec AZUL4thAnniversary ColorSale


2012Dec AZUL4thAnniversary POSTER

-AZUL- 4th Anniversary Sale

Hello all!
Let me inform you another -AZUL- 4th Anniversary Sale.
As I sent notice, AZUL is now running ‘Make your shopping Free’ Sale to celebrate.
Who won the lottery already received refund from AZUL ;D
(It will take a few days to get refund.)
-AZUL- 4th Anniversary Sale:Make your shopping FREE

However, I received many requests for ‘Color discount Sale’
as seasonable sale AZUL had past year, so I decided to make it again:D

Round 1 -Dec 18 —-> Red . Garnet
Round 2 -Dec 19 —-> Pearl . Champagne . White
Round 3 -Dec 20 —-> Blue . Sapphire . Aqua
Round 4 -Dec 21 —-> Green . Jade . Turquoise
Round 5 -Dec 22 —-> Yellow . Orange . Gold
Round 6 -Dec 23 —-> Topaz . Brown . Nude
Round 7 -Dec 24 —-> Amethyst . Pink . Purple
Round 8 -Dec 25 —-> Onyx . Noir . Black

Sale Item:
Specific Color for each Round —-> 50% Off
The color will be changed everyday
*AZUL Bridal gowns, New items are included!

*Does NOT include…
-Jewelry, Nails,Shoes(Virtual Impressions)
-Hair(Vanity Hair)
-Ladies wear(Garcon’s Tokyo)
-Eyewear(Crie Style)
-Hunt Item

Happy Holidays ♥

Mami Jewell

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