-AZUL- 4th Anniversary Sale

2012Dec AZUL4thAnniversary POSTER

-AZUL- 4th Anniversary Sale

Thank you so much for your support!
-AZUL- has its 4th anniversary in this December.
In gratitude and thank to everyone who supported us, there will be a lottery with special discounts to celebrate.
You have a 1 in 16 chance to win, Don’t miss this chance!

12 Dec 2012 – 25 Dec 2012

in-world purchase (doesnt include SL Marketplace)

all of AZUL’s designs ( bought directly from Mami Jewell)

If your purchase ID starts from ‘4’ , you will have refund for the L$.

*What is purchase ID?*
Each of your debit or credit of L$ has a unique ID Prefix on your Transaction History..

The ID Prefix is randomly generated
The web site shows the first 8 characters of the ID but on downloading the ID is longer.

8 digits – 4 digits – 4 digits – 4 digits – 12 digits.
Number starts 0 ~ 9 , a ~ f
If you purchase AZUL’s item, I will have the same ID prefix for the sale as you, the customer for your purchase. I will be able to check them and find the lottery winners.

*how to check purchase ID*
Secondlife website https://secondlife.com/
>Log in with your Avatar name and password
> Account
> Transaction History
The you will see your transaction history with
Date / Time / ID Prefix /Detail / Debit / Credit / Balance
‘ID Prefix’ is the one.
On website, you will see only first 8 digits of full ID number.

Don’t worry!
You will get refund with a notice of congratulation within a week of your purchase by automatically.
You don’t need a proof your purchase ID.

If you don’t get refund or note after you see your purchase ID for AZUL Clothing starts from ‘4’, please fill this NC and send it to Mami Jewell .

Happy holiday , Happy shopping ❤

Mami Jewell

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