Sarcoidosis winter Gala 2011

Hello everyone,

Today let me introduce you about 10 days charity event in SL to raise awareness and raise funds for research for not well-known disease.
The name of disease is SARCOIDOSIS ,
Maybe many ppl don’t know well about it, so didn’t I, until last summer.
Some ppl call it ‘Disease good for sightseeing tour of many hospitals’ because even many doctors still does Not know about this disease(in Japan).
This event is to raise awareness and raise funds for research about Sarcoidosis,
and i wanted to share this info with many of you.

I made an exclusive color of ‘Esperanca / Egretta’ for this Event,
Available to get only at Sarcoidosis winter Gala 2011.
500L$ / Transfer

I wish this will be small step for helping sarcoidosis patients and to finding a cure for this disease.
Hope you visit the event :))

Sarcoidosis Winter Gala 2011
21 ~ 30 Nov 2011

Sarcoidosis Winter Gala 2011
Stop Sarcoidosis Support Community (US)

So What is Sarcoidosis?
Sarcoidosis (SAR-COY-DOE-SIS) is a “multiorgan” disease – meaning it almost always involves more than one organ.
It is a potentially fatal inflammatory disease that can appear in any organ in the body.
Although the lungs are affected in more than 90% of patients, the disease often attacks the heart, eyes,
central nervous system, liver and kidneys.
Once thought rare, sarcoidosis is now known to be common and affects people worldwide.
The cause remains unknown and THERE IS NO CURE.

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