Hello all 🙂

Today let me inform you events AZUL has join.
You cant miss them!
Halloween Event

Friday 21 October, 2:00pm SLT
Renaissance Galleria – Exquisite, The Renaissance Galleria

A wizard Fro who loved to create beautiful woman had gone insane from all the beauty he had created. because of this, his models, began to deteriorate, in horror the wizard ran to the strongest witch he knew, her name was lio.
but because of the wizards selfish needs, the great witch lio cursed the wizard by making his beautiful models, not into the ethereal beauties he had created, but into decayed beings.the witch then called them the BLOODY’S LINE , these models began a new fashion era in boulevard city, strutting there zombified skins with intense ferocity.
with the help of other witches from the land, the BLOODY’S LINE had clothes poses,and shoes that matched there transformation in an beautifully horrific way.
Run for your lives!! Five top designers have been turned loose on Second Life and bloodshed is expected!!! Come join us for a bloodbath of a fashion show this coming Friday October 21 @ 2 pm slt . Lionskins presenting Azul,Aleida,Sweet Antidote, Deity Jewelty, Nardcotix Shoes,Avante Poses, Vita’s Boudoir and of course Lionskins with her new line of bloody tattoos

You will find AZUL’s Bloody dresses at AZUL Main store and Lion Skins after the fashion show:)
Purple Passion for a Cure Show
to raise awareness in the fight against pancreatic cancer

Saturday, October 22nd, 12:00PM SLT

We are proud to present the Purple Passion for a Cure charity fashion show to raise awareness in the fight against pancreatic cancer. This show is being presented in honor of Kristina D. Merritt Rutherford, who sadly lost her fight against this terrible disease at age 40 but deeply inspired her friends and family (including our show organizer Rusalka Callisto) with her love, laughter and bravery.
Sponsored by Angel Dessous & PurpleMoon, the Purple Passion for a Cure show will feature 20 top SL models wearing fabulous purple creations from 18 amazing designers: Angel Dessous, AZUL, Bliss Couture, Brocade Tiger, COCO, Designing Nicky Ree, DIRAM, Entre Mares, GizzA, Lapointe & BastChild, Morea Style, My Precious by Agnes Finney, PurpleMoon Creations, Rebel Hope, RFyre Gothic Couture, Son!a Luxury Fashion [sYs] Design and Utopia. Purple is the color of the pancreatic cancer awareness ribbon.
Special pre-show dance performance by DAZZLERS Inc. Exclusive auction items by Angel Dessous, AZUL, PurpleMoon and Rebel Hope.
All models and staff for this show have volunteered their time in exchange for donations to a charity organization dedicated to finding a cure for pancreatic cancer.
100% of all donations and funds raised from auction sales will be donated to this organization and a detailed receipt posted online.

AZUL’s Auction Item : -AZUL Bridal- Arwen

KABUKI boutique presents
Charity Show and Auction to Benefit The American Cancer Society

Sunday, 23 October, 3:00 PM SLT

AZUL made Special color of ‘Naomi’ for Auction.
100% Proceeds go to American Cancer Society.


You cant miss them!!! ❤

Mami Jewell

-AZUL- main shop
-AZUL- SL MarketPlace
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