Announcement : Miss AZUL 2011 and AZUL Princesses


Miss AZUL 2011 : Ponchituti Boucher

Please welcome our new Miss AZUL, Ponchi ;D yay!
Thank you for being our Muse, Ponchi:)


1st Runner-up : Annough Lykin

If, for some reason, Miss AZUL resigns during her tenure, the Miss AZUL 2011 position will be automatically given to 1st runner up, Annough Lykin.

2nd Ruuner-up (tie score) : Natasja Schumann

2nd Ruuner-up (tie score) : Ruby Okelly


AZUL Princesses

Isis Moonstone
Natalia Sarrasine
Jasmyn Vaher
Bay Edelmann
Leanna1181 avril


again, Congrats ladies!
all Judges were having such a hard time for scoring, i am sure many ppl can imagine that.
each finalist did great answer for question by judge, showed her awesome styling….
wondering- how could we scoring easily …. of course NOT ><..
all the beautiful finalists were wonderful, Thank you very much ladies 🙂

Thank to all the applicants, all the entry photos are amazing job and the each paragraph were touched.
and I thank to all of you for supporting and watching the Miss AZUL 2011:)
It was very memorable moment for me!
(and also it was my record chrashing many times o.O)

My dear friend- Miss AZUL 2010: Tania Tebaldi, You are my muse forever Tania!
Thank you for working with me for a past year.
You had been such a beautiful 'face of AZUL', wish your future further success:)

Second Life TV hosted by Kay Fairey, Tyako Coage, and Pia Moonwall
Miss AZUL 2011 streamed by SLTV -Archive-

This pageant is sponsored by
The Best of SL Magazine, Miss Virtual World Organization, Styles of edo, Virtual Impressions, Stiletto Moody, Secondlife TV and Vanity Hair.

judged by
Asalt Eams – Grasp & Sweetaholic Owner
Chrissy Ambrose – Virtual Impressions Owner
edo Tone – Styles of edo Owner & Designer
Frolic Mills – The Best of SL Magazine, MVW Organization CEO
Kay Fairey – BLVD Agency, CEO & Miss Virtual World Modeling Academy, Executive Director
Serene Faith – Miss Virtual World 2011
Topaz Joubert – Maniera Inc., CEO
Mami Jewell, Designer and Owner of AZUL

Thank you so much for being sponsor, thank you dear judges for your time for selecting our new Miss AZUL!

Thank you!
Mami Jewell

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