Miss AZUL 2011 : Entry deadline is Tomorrow!

hello all:)
***We are sorry that we are keeping close the sim still,Please try to TP after 27th(Fri) 21:00 slt!***

let us inform you -Miss AZUL 2011 entry deadline is tomorrow.

Contest closed for submissions: August 27, 2011
Ten finalists announced – Sep 3, 2011
Miss AZUL 2011 Finals* – Sep 10, 2011, 6pm SLT

Thank you♥


Miss AZUL 2011 & AZUL Princess 2011 – CONTEST GUIDELINES

Miss AZUL is a title given to the lady who has impeccable style, inner and outer beauty and a sense of fashion that can represent the AZUL brand. Do you think you have what it takes to represent AZUL?

Mami Jewell, owner and designer of AZUL will be looking for the next beautiful lady to take the crown for a one year tenure, taking it over from Tania Tebaldi who had been reigning as Miss AZUL 2010. The new Miss AZUL will also be given a placement as an official finalist in the Miss Virtual World 2012 Pageant but those who are already finalists will also be accepted for entry.

The Finals will be streamed live by Second Life TV to the Japanese SL residents who have become more active in the SL fashion scene.

Following last year, Mami will also be selecting 5 AZUL Princess winners for all non-model entries in order to show her appreciation to the large number of non-model customers who had been supporting her.

::: PRIZES :::
Miss AZUL 2011
– 50,000 Linden cash prize.
– AZUL wardrobe consisting of all current designs and all new releases throughout the entire one year tenure.
– Appearrance in AZUL print advertisements and posters with Hair from Vanity Hair, jewelry from Virtual Impressions and shoes from Stiletto Moody. This may not, however, be done for all new releases.
– Custom crown created for Miss AZUL by Virtual Impressions.

– Official candidacy in Miss Virtual World 2012 Pageant.

AZUL Princess
– One colour of choice of all new releases for the entire one year tenure.

::: MISS AZUL PAGEANT SPONSORS ::: (in alphabetical order)
Miss Virtual World Organization
Stiletto Moody
Styles of edo
The Best of SL Magazine
Vanity Hair
Virtual Impressions

(correction -Aug 3rd)
Contest closed for submissions: August 27, 2011
Ten finalists announced – Sep 3, 2011
Miss AZUL 2011 Finals* – Sep 10, 2011, 6pm SLT
*Miss AZUL will be crowned and 5 AZUL Princess title winners will also be announced on the stage.

::: JUDGES :::
Judges will be the following (in alphabetical order of their names).
Asalt Eams – Grasp & Sweetaholic Owner
Chrissy Ambrose – Virtual Impressions Owner
edo Tone – Styles of edo Owner
Frolic Mills – The Best of SL Magazine, MVW Organization CEO
Kay Fairey – BLVD Agency, CEO & Miss Virtual World Modeling Academy, Executive Director
Mami Jewell – AZUL Owner and Designer
Serene Faith – Miss Virtual World 2011
Topaz Joubert – Maniera Inc., CEO

Event Director: Kay Fairey Earnshaw

1. First selection will be based on pics.
2. After the 10 finalists are selected, we will also check your other activities such as blog, flickr page, overall reputation and points from 1 to 10 will be given to each finalists. These points will not be published.
3. Judges listed above will see you live on the Miss AZUL Finals day and will assign points from 1 to 10. These points will be added to the points gained in #2 (above) and the one with the highest score will be crowned as Miss AZUL 2011.

*********** CONTEST GUIDELINES – HOW TO ENTER ***********

STEP 1 – Check if your answer to all of the following questions are YES.

A) Are you available to appear live on the AZUL Finals date (Saturday SEPTEMBER 10, 6pm SLT)? You can only enter if you are able to be here at the Finals in case you become selected as a Finalist. In the case that you are not available, you will be dropped from a Finalist and the next person on the selection line will automatically move up to being a Finalist.
B) Are you free of any other Miss title from a clothing brand?
C) Will you be able to commit to being a Miss AZUL for a tenure of ONE YEAR if you have been selected? We understand that things can happen that may change the various conditions in your life, however if you are not sure if you can commit to a one year tenure, then please do not enter.

STEP 2 – Join THE BEST OF SL Magazine Readers Group and the AZUL group in-world. You must be a member of both of these groups to participate and receive updates.

STEP 3 – Create a notecard titled “Miss AZUL 2011 – (Your name here)” and Include the following in the notecard.
A) A short paragraph stating why you believe you would best represent the brand of AZUL
B) One 512×512 face shot of your avatar wearing an AZUL outfit.
C) One 512×512 full length shot of your avatar styled using AZUL creations. Complete outfits or mix and match are both accepted but all outfit parts must be from AZUL.

STEP 4 – Submit the properly titled notecard to both Kay Fairey AND Mami Jewell no later than Midnight (SLT) on Aug 27, 2011. You must send to both in order to be eligible.

****** A NOTE ABOUT AZUL Princess 2011******

AZUL Princess 2011 is a title that will be awarded to 5 non-model ladies that will be selected from all entries.

::: AZUL Princess Selection :::
1. In order to qualify for this title, the entrant must not be a model, whether it is for runway, print or for store modeling.
2. Selection will be based on what the entrant wrote in the entry sheet as her paragraph of “why she thinks she best represents AZUL” and also whether she fits the AZUL brand image.

::: AZUL Princess Prize :::
The “AZUL Princess” title will be held for one year, during which the winners will receive one colour of choice from all new released dresses from AZUL.

-AZUL- main shop
-AZUL- SL MarketPlace
-AZUL- Flickr

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