‘Esperanca’ Sales Report #20

Hello all:)
Thank you so much for purchace ‘Esperanca’ for help Japan!
Here is the latest Report of sales and transfer.(8 July – 14 July)
7/8 – 7/14

Sales 4,000 L$
Transfer -59,500 L$
Donate -230.00 US$
balance 3,000 L$

total (3/17~)
Sales 415,000 L$
transfer -412,000 L$
Donate 1,647 US$

(past sales report)
Report #19
Report #18
Report #17
Report #16
Report #15
Report #14
Report #13
Report #12
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(Exchanged, and Transfered to Paypal)

59,500L$ > 250L$/US$ > 229.67US$
229.67US$ – processing fee 1.00US$ = 228.67US$

91,000L$ > 251L$/US$ > 349.83US$
349.83US$ – processing fee 1.00US$ = 348.83US$

112,500L$ > 250L$/US$ > 432.32US$
432.32US$ – processing fee 1.00US$ = 431.32US$

149,500L$ > 250L$/US$ > 577.06US$
577.06US$ – processing fee 1US$ = 576.06US$

(Sent to Japanese Red Cross Society)

228.67 US$ added some = 230.0 US$

348.83 US$ added some = 350.0 US$

431.32US$ added some = 450US$

576.06US$ > 46,529JPY (US$ = 80.7719JPY)
(I added some) = 50,000JPY

**I found I can donate from my Paypal Account to Japanese Red Cross Society
directly, without Fee. So no need to transfer to my Bank account! 😀

Again, thank you so much for help!


‘Esperanca / Mirai’
500L$ Trans / Mod / Resizer

Glitch Pants
System Skirt
Flexible Skirts
Chest Prim


‘Esperanca / Egretta’
500L$ Trans / Mod / Resizer

Glitch Pants
Flexible Skirts
Flower Ornament


500L$ Trans / Mod / Resizer

Top(Jacket Layer)
glitch pants
flexible sleeves
flexible skirts (2types)


**I use another Avatar (Azuldesign Resident) for showing transaction history for Donation Items.
**Now available to purchase at AZUL Mainstore
**100% of sales goes to donation for help victims through Japanese Red Cross Society(En).
I will report sales to all of you here and donate to the Japanese Red Cross Society with my responsibility.
And I will join another charity with exclusive items,I’ll linform you later.

Also there are many choice to donate in SL,
this is LL’s support ‘Linden Bears’ donate through American Red Cross

Lately Japanese Red Cross opened the way to donate online via PayPal.
PayPal is the online system that securely processes donations for the Japanese Red Cross Society.
You can complete your payment with just a few clicks

I pray for much life being saved

Mami Jewell

-AZUL- main shop
-AZUL- SL MarketPlace
-AZUL- Flickr

17 thoughts on “‘Esperanca’ Sales Report #20

  1. You are always so very giving of your time, your artistry, and of your own funds to help; thank you for being you and for all that you do. Love you!

    1. ty for your SWeeeeeet comment Dancer dear! ♥ im just doing what i can do, thanks for helping me always:)
      and i know now– you are an great artist !!! ehehe:D

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