New release ‘Jeanie’ and Group Gift

Hello all!
i released ‘Jeanie’ which is a evening dress for the winner of Miss America Latina competition,Jeanie Waydelich -Miss Brasil :))
She was selected to AZUL Princess 2010:)

all 6 colours
transferable / modifiable /resize scripted
*Use resize script to edit the prim size if you dont want to lose the original.
Please ‘delete’ the script (from script menu) if you dont need resizer.

Also you can find an exclusive colour only at Couture AVENUE

dont forget to check our recommend
Hair by Vanity Hair
Jewelry by Virtual Impressions

I updated AZUL Group Giftfor members,
Sorry I coulldnt serve a Gift in Feb! (TT)
This is ONLY for -AZUL- Group members, and please be sure -AZUL-VIP tag on + touch it.
Hope you’ll enjoy<3
AZUL main shop

hope youll enjoy 🙂

Mami Jewell

-AZUL- main shop
-AZUL- SL MarketPlace
-AZUL- Flickr

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