’Esperanca’ sales report #2

Hello all:)
Thank you so much for purchace ‘Esperanca’ for help Japan!
this is the 2nd Report of sales (19-21 Mar)

3/19 2011 sales 8,000L$
3/20 2011 sales 23,000L$
3/21 2011 sales 11,000L$
sub total 42,000L$
total (3/17~) 113,000L$

I will exchange L$ to US$ as soon as LL raise this account’s trading limit
—> sned to Paypal —> exchange to JPYen —> send to Bank Account —> send to Japanese Red Cross Society.


Transfer / Mod / Resizer

Top(Jacket Layer)
glitch pants
flexible sleeves
flexible skirts (2types)

**I used another Avatar (Azuldesign Resident) for showing transaction history.
**Now only at AZUL Mainstore

100% of sales goes to donation for help victims through Japanese Red Cross Society(En).
I will report sales to all of you here and donate to the Japanese Red Cross Society with my responsibility.
And I will join another charity with exclusive items,I’ll linform you later.

Also there are many choice to donate in SL,
this is LL’s support ‘Linden Bears’ donate through American Red Cross
I pray for much life being saved

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