Fashion for Life 2011 & earthquake in Japan

hi there,
First of all i thank ppl worried and sent me msg about earthquake in Japan…
I’m living in Tokyo and I’m fine, finally i could have contacts to all the ppl who i know in rl.
Still we have lots of problems of electricity ,Uneasiness of radioactivity, aftershocks,etc.
We have a lot of aftershocks still now, I got ready to Refuge now, :(((
And I cant have contact some of Japanese who I know In SL.
Please contact me if you see this post.

I pray for all the ppl who got Tsunami, disaster, …

Also I’m sorry i cant help enough for FFL event this time,
Hope i can login soon….
here let me post 4 items which i set at FFL

Canna Sombra(pre-release only for FFL)

Fiore (exclusive colour for FFL)

Meissa (exclusive colour for FFL)

Velma (exclusive colour for FFL)

Hope many ppl join FFL to help ,and
Thanks a lot for your msg:)

Mami Jewell


FFL Flickr

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4 thoughts on “Fashion for Life 2011 & earthquake in Japan

  1. Good to hear you’re OK. And I think its wonderful you are still thinking of others – FFL – at this terrible time for you and yours.

    • ty for your comment, twistedlemon:)
      here in Tokyo is fine, but many ppl were lost, still many many ppl are missing in northen of Japan…..

  2. Glad to know you are ok – the Canna Sombra dress that was pre-release for FFL, when will that be released officially and be available at the main store?

    • hello Mandy, ty for your msg:)
      Unfortunatelly i dont set the schedule to release Canna Sombra… hope i can release before Summer tho… huugz

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