New Fashion Program began at SecondLife TV

Episode #001 archive

Hello everyone!
Let me inform you about SecondLife TV,
Its the biggest Japanese broadcasting service and hold many kind of program which is about Music, Fashion, Sims, Events…etc.
And they just began new program belongs to SL Fashion from this week!
It was my honor i was invited to the guest for the first episode,
first half is kinda talk show, and they show AZUL gowns with 8 models later.
Also at the first episode they pick up one of Tres Beau gown, and wonderful model -Wicca Merlin with Mea Culpa gown+Miamai Hair.
Check it out (its all in Japanese tho lol)

~SLTV Fashion Style~ The Runway
MC Mato Jetcity + Kay Fairey (!) yay
DJ Aris Earnshaw

Every 2 weeks on Tuesday 6am SLT
(You can watch all the program’s archive from here)

SecondlifeTV Sim

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