Miss AZUL 2010 and AZUL Princess were selected

Hello everybody!

Finally …. Miss AZUL was selected !
Miss AZUL 2010 is……….

▀▀▀▀▀▀ Estela Parx ▀▀▀▀▀▀

Miss AZUL 2010 title will be held for year by Estela.

the 2nd place
Tania Tebaldi

the 3rd place
Emma Portilo

Also we love you too ladies!
finalist :Shae Sixpence
finalist :Vikeejeah Xevion

its our honor to have such a great 5 finalists,

And here are AZUL Princesses…

Bondaisy Rau
MinnieMinnie McMillan
Jeanie Waydelich
Niccoli Sweetwater
and Sappho Zapatero

The “AZUL Princess” title will be held for one year, during which the winners will receive all new released dresses from AZUL.

Wed been having hard time to put score to all the finalists,
I thank to all the judges! Our Great Judges are….

edo Tone
Chrissy Ambrose
Asalt Eames
AlexWyler Yoshikawa
KateForster Akina
Miaa Rebane
and Frolic Mills

And Thank you for supporting Miss AZUL contest, our sponsors are…

Styles of edo
Virtual Impressions
Tukinowaguma Hair style
Stiletto Moody

MC by darkevilone Demonia
wonderful music by Aris Earnshaw
director by kay Fairey !!!!
I couldnt make this without you,Thank you soooo much !

A special thanks goes to Frolic Mills, for making such a beautiful runway and for allowing my Miss AZUL to be one of your Miss Virtual World Finalists.
It is a great honour for me to have my Miss in your pageant as a finalist.

Also the contest was shooting live broadcasting by Secondlife TV, thank you SLTV Staff!
Kay commented at program ehehehe
You can watch the archive here (Japanese) :

SLTV(Japanese) Miss AZUL 2010 Archive July 24

I hope to see you NEXT YEAR at MISS AZUL 2011 again♥♥♥♥♥♥
Thank you all!

Mami Jewell

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