Miss AZUL 2010 Contest Announces the Pre-Finalists

We express our sincere thanks to all those who entered the contest. There were close to 300 entries by the July 9th deadline and we were pleasantly surprised by the enthusiastic entries that the contest had received.

Before we announce the Pre-finalists, we are announcing that we have decided to select 5 ladies as “AZUL Princesses” along with a “Miss AZUL 2010” in order to acknowlege ladies who are fans of AZUL and give special prized to these ladies. Details of AZUL Princesses will follow the announcement of the pre-finalists so please read on until the end.

We have reviewed the entry photographs very closely and the selection of the 10 pre-finalist was certainly not an easy task. We take this opportunity to deeply thank the judges who have supported the contest by giving us their time to review and select their candidates.

Judges (in alphabetical order):
AlexWyler Yoshikawa, Tukinowaguma Hair, Owner
Aris Earnshaw, DJ and Music Director, Boulevard Agency
Chrissy Ambrose, Virtual Impressions, Creator and Owner
edo Tone, Styles of edo, Designer and Owner
Frolic Mills, The Best of SL, CEO
KateForster Akina, Tukinowaguma Hair, Creator
Mami Jewell, AZUL, Designer and Owner

After adding up all the votes, we have arrived to the following 11 entrants who have been selected as Miss AZUL Pre-finalists.

Congratulations to the 11 selected! The prefinal will be held on July 17th (Sat) from 10am SLT and you will be receiving details from Kay Fairey in a few days.

Beyonce Aurotharius
Candylicious Forster
Cherie Parker
Dixie Halfpint
Emma Portilo
July Raymaker
Shae Sixpence
Tania Tebaldi
Vikeejeah Xevion

We will see you all very soon!


More about “AZUL Prinesses”.

This is a special title we have decided to appoint in addition to “Miss AZUL 2010” and 5 ladies will be selected as follows.

1. In order to qualify for this title, the entrant must not be a model, whether it is for runway shows or for store modeling.
2. Selection will be based on what the entrant wrote in the entry sheet as her paragraph of “why she thinks she best represents AZUL” and also whether she fits the AZUL brand image.
3. Announcement will be made on July 24 (Sat), together with the announcement of Miss AZUL 2010.
4. The “AZUL Princess” title will be held for one year, during which the winners will receive all new released dresses from AZUL.

For additional information, please contact

AZUL Designer and CEO, Mami Jewell
Miss AZUL 2010 Event Director, Kay Fairey

AZUL main shop

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