Project Tents for HAITI

Hi everybody:)
Here let me inform you about an event
Project Tents HAITI Benefit Expo“.

May 21st – May 30th, 2010

Project Tents HAITI Landing Points
Project Tent Central Plaza

Over four months ago a devastating 7.0 earthquake hit the country of Haiti just outside the capital of Port-au-Prince.
Four months seems like a lifetime ago, so many other natural occurrences have impacted citizens of the world since then,
but the work in Haiti has only just begun.
The May 24th issue of Time Magazine reports concerns that living conditions in Haiti are getting worse
with the storm season now upon the region.
Hundreds of thousands of Haitians still are without any permanent shelter,
their only protection from the elements are makeshift tents created from materials found in the rubble.
Without a solid base to these structures, many Haitians go to sleep at night in extremely damp surroundings sometime
unable to escape pools of water left by the torrential rains.
Relief organizations are working as fast as they can to provide permanent shelter
but it may be years until any normalcy is brought back to Haiti.

To Learn more please visit:

Shelter Box
The Peace Train Charitable Trust
Project Tents
Time Magazine
Project Tents Flickr

From Project tents website, you can see how much we got donation.
Lets get more Shelter Boxes & tents for them!!!!!
You can also watch videos what Shelter box is, what are contained in it.

Many SL Designers are joined for this event, and we sell merchandises include exclusive items.
75% of sales proceed to get Tents!
ANd these are Exclusive item for this event from AZUL.
500L each, Transferable.

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