AZUL Christmas Hunt 1st Stage will finish soooon

AZUL- Christmas Hunt
1st stage >>> from Dec 10 (Thu) 11:00pm to Dec 14 10:59pm SLT
!!! You need to get a point (Hunt HUD) in this period !!!

Gift item:
-AZUL- Limited Gown for Christtmas

Setting Schedule:
1st stage > from Dec 10 (Thu) 11:00pm SLT
2nd stage > from Dec 14 (Mon) 11:00pm SLT
3rd stage & Gift > from Dec 18 (Fri) 11:00pm SLT to Dec 25(Fri) 11:00pm SLT


1. Please find gift boxes hidden within AZUL SIM.
In the 1st stage, you’ll get a HUD from the gift box and it will be a 1st point.
Gift box will give you a HUD rondomly, even though someone could get a hud from a gift box, it doesn’t always have the next one to get the hud.

2. Wear this HUD and try the 2nd and 3rd stages at the each period.
Please find and touch the gift boxes until you can get the each point.
When its a 2nd stage period, you will NOT be able to find 1st / 3rd point.
Please try the first stage (from Dec 10 11:00pm to Dec 14 10:59pm) to get a HUD for the quest at first.
*The gift boxes give you the chance of getting HUD or points at random.
If you failed to all boxes, please wait 2 hours till script is reset and try the quest again.

3. If you could collect three points, you will have a right to get a limited gown for the Christmas from AZUL.(No trans)
After collectiong all the points, please come to the terrace in the center of AZUL SIM and touch the Gift Panel with wearing Hunt HUD.

Please enjoy the quest:D

AZUL main shop

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