AZUL One year anniversary fashionshow

There was a fashionshow for AZUL one year anniversary at BOSL on 21st.
it was just great show because of many specialists supported!

Frolic Mills from BOSL – thank you for amazing runway!
AlexWyler Yoshikawa & KateForster Akina from Tukinowaguma Hair style,
Chrissy Ambrose from Virtual Impressions,
Stiletto Moody & dancer Dallagio from Stiletto Moody,
Kay Fairey – wonderful Show Director,
Aris Earnshaw – amazing sounds for the show just like “Heaven”,
BlackBarbie Bravin – master of ceremony,
Wonderful + wonderful models —
Isabel Brocco, Ella Quinsette, Barbarella Fuosing, Alexia Speizer, Miaa Rebane, and MVW Mimmi Boa!
Annette Wilder/Ansleigh Beverly from WILDER PR Inc.,
And SecondlifeTV – broadcasted the live of the show………
Really thank you very much for all of you ♥

If you missed the show—here is SLTV archive!
enjoy our show:D

ANd if you couldnt get the special gift for the show at BOSL, dont hesiate to take it at AZUL mainshop.
i know many ppl crashed and couldnt stay till get it.
AZUL main shop
i will keep the gift only for today, till [Nov 23rd 5am] dont miss it!

-AZUL- Mami Jewell

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