Charity Auction today @ Franks Elite!

::::::For the love of Cindi Messmer:::::
::::::::: “ONE OF A KIND” Auction::::::::::

cindi auction

**Auction date : Aug.15 Sat 7pm SLT
**Win a date with Franks and Dino’s DJs
**Unique ONE of a KIND designs.
Offered by SL’s top designers as below…

Styles of edo
Virtual Impressions
Phoenix Rising
Bliss Couture
Vanity Designs Inc
Tukinowaguma Hair Style
Morea Style
B! Fashion
Angel Dessous

:::::from Frank’s Place Jazz:::::

My dear friends,

We never like to hear about tragedies…but when it hits close to home…we all feel it like no other can.

Our DJ, Cindi Messmer…one of our most beloved, talented and longest playing has been diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. She struggles in her daily life to speak, not to mention her incapabilites to type in this written world. She is no longer able to come inworld and do the things she loved so much. We pray for her wellness and the wellness of her children as they make this journey.

Gymmy and I are in constant contact with her family as they go onto the next step of this fight.

We have started a fundraiser to help her and her family and please pray for her wellness in this heartwrenching situation.

We have two donation thermometers, one at Frank’s Jazz the other at Dino’s. for those of you who would like to send donations. Look for the “large” pink meter “FOR THE LOVE OF CINDI MESSMER”

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