Very interesting System @new shopping mall

Hi 🙂
Today let me tell you about new mall —DREAMS MALL
its a Point system shopping mall of all over full sim,opened last week.

At DREAMS MALL,you can enjoy shopping with an original System ‘DMpoint System’
with attach ‘DMpoint HUD’.
You will receive 5% points back if you purchase items at the mall
(Not all shops are taking sart ),
and can save it in your HUD,
also you can purchase any items with your saving points at the mall.
You can purchase items by DMpoint as 1Point=1L$.
You can buy DMpoint with profit and for gift points also.

In addition,you will receive double the points back
on 1st and 15th of every month if you join **DMpoint_Group**
as a member, its free to join.

This is the very first system that returns the points back as money in SL.
They will have more fun games, events etc
then you can use your points not only L$ to play!
Sure the mall took approval from LL about this new system.

Here are tenats in DREAMS MALL

=Courture House (Formal)=
[Bliss Couture]
[Phoenix Rising]
[Styles of edo]
[Tukinowaguma HairStyle]
[Virtual Impressions]

=Main booth (Casual)=
[CaNDy NaiL]
[cover girl]
[fairy tail]
[= Hal*Hina = ]
[:: LikeA :: ]
[Meriken Co]
[***R’s Hair Style]
[.:i *Towa* i:. ] 
[Tukinowaguma HairStyle]
[yui’s Favorite Things]

=Mini Booth=
[*sister strawberry**]
[ VJ Eyewear]
[Rolmy’s sweets]
[.: Lauwarme :.]
[ Heureux papillon]
[Joekick Blackburn]
[Mermaid Temple]


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