Who is the 3,333rd customer of ‘MILONGA’?

Hi everybody ㋡

One of my design ‘MILONGA’ have sales 3,000 since last Aug.
And here is a lady who purchased MILONGA the 3,000th at 24th of April…!
Thank you Ms. Lorac Cleanslate:)))
Ill put her poster at my main shop:)

i was not expecting it become such a big hit,
Thank you so much!!

im ready for small gift to the person who purchase MILONGA as the 3,333rd!
….Yes ! i like the same numbers form a line! lol

The 3,333rd customer will recieve

10 outfits of AZUL or 5,000L$
and i wll put your poster at main shop.

now its around 3,100 at 2nd of May….
doesnt matter ‘Milonga’ or ‘Milonga plain’.
hope to see you in Milonga ㋡

AZUL main shop

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One thought on “Who is the 3,333rd customer of ‘MILONGA’?

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