Today’s Maseno from 1pm 26th Apr

Please come join us for the Maseno Project II to bid on one of a kind designs where all proceeds go to the Nest Rescue Center in Luanda, Kenya.

DATE & TIME: Apirl 26, 2009 at 1:00pm slt

DESIGNERS: Nardcotix; Phoenix Rising; Thea Tamura Fashion; Indyra Originals ; Styles of Edo; CCC Chianera Cioc Couture; Sweetaholic

MODELS: Mimmi Boa; Kay Fairey; Agtaope carter; Salvo Waydelich; mavi beck; Vivienne Darcy

HOST: Jackson Vantelli
DJ: Aris Earnshaw
LIVE MUSICIAN: Mankind Tracer

And i rezzed donation box for Maseno at my sim,

You can join auctions which all sales goes to
The Nest Rescue Center
Please Donate in to this box.
The L$ you donate will go directly to Mimmi Boa
and she will send it to The Nest Rescure Center
on behalf of us !

Thank you ㋡

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