Stop AIDs condome -support for Maseno

I made HUGE condoms(giggles) in 3 colours to promote the Maseno Project because
the orphans we are supporting became orphans due to parents lost with AIDs.
When you wear it, it attached to your hand and gives out a notecard with
information on the Maseno Project, gives show & auction dates, and directs people to the group soliciting to join as supporters.

[In RL, the Maseno Project is called the “Nest Rescue Center” and is a self-funded community based project. They help support children who are orphans, the destitute, and special cases the blind, deaf and the lame. And provide some health care for them. The Nest Rescue Center currently has one ongoing activity: early childhood (2 to 7 years) feeding and education program which now has over 54 children, almost all orphans.]

And now–here in SL,
we are doing events for help “Nest Rescue Center” for donate till 9th of May.

Here are fashionshows (included auction for donate) schedule (since 25 April) :

25 April Show in
26 April Show in Einstein Sim
28 April 1:00pm (Model auction) Evane sim
30 April 1:00pm Show hold at ICON with Starlight models
1st May 1:00pm Show International Models Agency
3rd May 1:00pm show in L.A. Modeling AgencyHQ
8th May show in SuperElite fashion agencyHQ
9th May 1:00pm show in Look Elite models HQ

You will be able to recieve latest infomation at Group notice.
Feel free to join ‘Maseno Project -Garments of Hope II’
direct pay (donate) to Mimmi Boa

Thank you !!!

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