Maseno Project fashionshow + Auction Today

Maseno Project II : Garments of Hope

There is fashionshows of designers below on the list ,
PLUS “Special Auction ‘One of a kind of dress’ by designers'”.
This is my only one kind of dress ‘Black Lace Dress’.
Anybody can join the auction!

19 April Show
DESIGNERS : Azul; Brenda Clellon; Arda Style (Men); Anubis Style;
Addoro; Bliss Couture; Orage Creations; Lionskin

MODELS: Mimmi Boa; Poptart Lilliehook; Olyvia Zenovka;
Salvo Waydelich ; Liam Netizen; Nino Heartsdale;
Liane Maertens,Afanaisa Eames, Payton Heron

PR. Rubystarlight Writer /
HOST: Giela Delpaso and Frolic Mills
Scripts: Mimmi Boa; Wenadrenia Sodestrom

here is a movie of Maseno Project,
TY for great job friends!!!

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