Lionskins at azul! -maseno project

hi everybody 🙂
let me tell you about maseno project….
This group was created to facilitate communication for
all those involved in the “Maseno Project – Garments of Hope II”
planned and organized by Mimmi Boa.

“After the big success of “the Maseno project” last year,
i decided to support again the lil hunnies in the western Kenya
Orphanage and i’m going to organize itinerant shows to raise founds for the net rescue centre.
and one of the way of donation, Lionskins support
40 make ups of the new skin “Zulu” from Lionskins,
and 20% of the sales of this skin will go directly to maseno Project!
you will see it at azul:) go & get them!

azul mainshop

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